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Cheesy Turkey Enchilada Casserole !

13 more days until Summer ’17 is here and I CANNNNOT CANNNOT wait! Im ready to pack up my little speech bag and hit the ground running. The kiddos are tired, I’m tired, my lessons are tired, waking up early is tired… its all tired! lol. But It’s been quite a great and interesting year. I started at one school district, was recruited to start at another (with more coint!) and for that I am GRATEFUL to God! Nothing but HIM!

Summers in Texas means short shorts, sundresses, braids down my back, sandals, Free Press Summer Press, backyard BBQs and beers by the pool. AHHHH, I can see it right now! But enough teasing, let’s get to the good stuff!

Ive been cooking some of my ‘heavier’ meals before it gets to hot too eat them and this cheesy turkey enchilada has been so much of a favorite that I’ve made it two weeks in a row!

I wanted something Mexican (absolute favorite food), tasty, cheesy and pretty low in calories (about 260!).

I started by seasoning my ground turkey with garlic and onion powder, Tony’s, black pepper and sea salt. Once it was just about done I added in red x green peppers, pico mix from the deli and added more chopped onion.

browning my turkey and softening the veggies
throw in the veggies half way through, I got a bit distracted

Once your meat is complete add 1/2 cup of water and seasoning pack. Fold food into each other to spread evenly.

This or regular taco seasoning works well

So anyone that knows me knows I just started eating beans like a year ago, Ive always haaateeddd beans but somehow they started liking me and I liked them back. I cant find the vegetarian, fat-free pinto beans (at Kroger) but the fat-free beans are bomb! The can will last for about 2.5 layers. I just scrapped the can to stretch it as much as I can.

$0.59 at Kroger

I cut them to cover the corners of the pan.. slight OCD kicks in. lol If they had square corn tortillas, Id be first in line lol ..

start by cutting the tortillas in half and spreading beans on each one
start by cutting the tortillas in half and spreading beans on each one

Spinach and frozen corn cooks super fast so I turned the heat off and folded into the veggies and turkey. I was short on time, so I didn’t make the enchilada sauce from scratch (Yes, Im that talented lol) so I used the canned version. It’s the closest thing you can get to authentic for a buck each.

the sauce I used and spinach.

I layered like this: tortilla/bean spread, meat, tortilla/bean spread, cheese, tortilla/bean spread, remaining meat, fresh tomatoes and cilantro. Add on that sauccceee, baby!

layer the tortillas on top
layer the tortillas on top

One bag of cheese was plenty. I used it for the one layer and then on top 🙂

add cheese, please !

Last time, I didn’t add the tomatoes but the more veggies the better. They made for a yummy topping this time. I didn’t make any sides as the casserole is plenty and filled with lots of tasty nutrients.

fresh chopped tomatoes x cilantro
add in two cans of enchilada sauce around the corners and on-top. Make sure you cover the tortillas so that it soaks up the rich flavor. It wont dry them out either.

Bake on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the sauce and cheese are boiling.

top with cheeseeee and bake

I made this dish for about $20 total with all ingredients !!! This is a favorite in the house and fills several people. I topped my casserole with plain non-fat greek yogurt (healthy alternative to sour cream) and a quick guacamole I make (recipe coming soon)!

** You can always make this vegan or vegetarian friendly by switching out the turkey for chopped mushrooms, regular cheese for dairy-free cheese (it was $4.99 at Kroger) and using vegetarian friendly beans. **

Please make sure you comment, share, repost, make and show plenty of love to my cooking blog. Ive gotten great feedback and I always welcome more! If there is anything in particular you would like to see or have me cook, please ask!

I have so many things Im looking forward to adding .. Thank You! Thank You!

You could’ve been anywhere in the world but You’re here reading x cooking with me 🙂



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