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2017 Resolutions? Ehhh, I was too busy Ugly Crying!

 Happy New Year!!!!!! 8 days late and maybe a dollar or 2 short, but nonetheless 2017 is here. So far, it has been a short year of frustration, anxiety, new opportunities, some nastiness (shoutout to my former head honcho) and positivity. First! I can’t thank my He and Rae enough for talking me off my ledge of overwhelming thoughts and bouts of hysterical ugly tears. I have been having these terrible, terrible doubts the last few weeks. Literally, right before the new year started I was a snotty-nose mess !

I had that ugly fear creep up on me that I was NOT enough.. not doing enough, not seeing enough, not where I’m supposed to be.. BUT no, no DEVIL! I AM RIGHT WHERE I NEED TO BE. God doesn’t plant us where we are just to leave and forget all about us. It is to nurture us, grow us, water us, teach us and to prepare us for our Level-Up (obsessed with this phrase right now)! And as usual, He did just that.

On the 24th of January, I will be starting with a new district with (WAYYY more money!!), I will be moving out of our apartment and hopefully, into a house. And I am in such a great place career wise.. so why am I freaking out again? Its because I didn’t want to abandon my creative side – I know, I completely worry about a problem I don’t technically have .. *side eye* as Rae said, “Balance! Balance! Balance!” I dont have to give up one to have the other, I can do both! Ya, dont say!!! I cant still pursue the creative outlets that I love so so so much like writing (I’m doing that now), soon making a Youtube channel (more work than I thought), traveling (making a To-Do) and blogging. I can be SUPERWOMAN and do it ALL. I can have it all.. and I’m grateful to have refocused right before the new year came knocking on my door. See how sneakingly good God can be? YEP!

So, if I havent said it before I will say it right now, “Thank You for your continued support and I hope to you continue to vibe with me on my journey! Please, remember to share, like, comment, post and follow my blog so I can see you, hear you, read your thoughts and  ideas!”


SO, cheers to continuing to brand and grow!



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