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He turned 27.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this time of Year..fall is definitely my favorite season (except my birthday, but that’s just one day). The weather starts to cool off, I can start looking at buying boots, cozy clothes are season and I can wear endless scarves!

I also enjoy this part of the year because it’s time to celebrate Mario’s birthday (ekkkk!!!!!). I typically start planning my surprise around August and this year was no different. I decided about two weeks before the date (Sept 10.) that I wanted to surprise him with a trip to IFLY. IFLY is an indoor, sky-diving experience where winds up to 95mph help propel you into the air.

He also figured out where we were going while being blind-folded he memorized the route I was taking to get there and guessed where we were (He thought he was on “Taken”).

Peep the Snap:

OMGGGGGGGG, it was so much fun! I literally laughed the entire time and would do it again x again. Sky-diving is on both of our bucket-lists but we aren’t quite ready (pretty penny!) just yet so I figured the indoor dive would satisfy us until we are both ready. He loved it!



That night, I surprised him with our bestest family x friends at “Brooklyn Athletic Club,” followed by drinks at Alley Kat. He had a relaxingly, fun night.  BTW, BAC has THE BEST buffalo chicken sandwich and fries I have ever tasted! Here are some fun and flirty flicks from our night !


Until next year…




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