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to my MomFriend

To those of you that think I speak too my gregarious Mama, Tami, entirely too much then there is no way on Earth that you have experienced a Mama like mine. See, I don’t even know why I’m explaining to you the kind of balance and gratefulness that my mom brings to me, but maybe understanding our history would help.

The truth is we weren’t always close — I didn’t have anything in common with her originally and didn’t understand why God chose her to be my light. I know it had a lot to do with other factors like I lived with my dad on and off. It was bumpy for us because we weren’t around each other all the time. I spent weekends, Holidays and birthdays with her. But one day, when I felt like life was closing in on me she was the first person I called to come rescue me. It was no questions asked and that was the first time I said, “This is my one and only mother, we need to do better.”

“[I] didn’t understand why God chose her to be my light.”

As I continued to grow, experience and move through life.

I saw that she was going to be the only person in my life that would lay down for me, give me every ounce of her, sacrifice everything to give me all of the things I needed and wanted. She was my anchor during some of those dark personal moments. I grew into understanding what kind of Mother she truly is and how many times (many, many I do not know about) that she put me before herself. We go to war for each other.

Somewhere, along the lines, we grew to be absolutely inseparable. Tami and I talk a record breaking number of times a day. We literally called each other 9 times on Sunday (I eye-rolled a few times myself) but each time I call or she calls we pick up — laughing and giggling without saying a word. Then like clock-work either one of us says, “You wanna talk?” as we both burst out laughing. The woman has become my best, best, best friend (P is a close two), my love for her goes BEYOND anything, anyone could comprehend. If I have a daughter, I want to be her what my mom has been to me. I have to update her on everything and she has to hit me with the “Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl…”

“We literally called each other 9 times on Sunday …..”

The inside jokes don’t seem to end with us either. From “Why do you smell like that?” — as I literally start laughing now — to all of the funny stories she has. And people always ask me, “Why do you call your mom Tami?” and my answer is it does NOT take away from the fact that that’s my mom, it doesn’t make her less of a Mom or me less of a daughter. It’s what I picked up because they (her siblings) call their mom, Ms. Jean. My grandma called her mom “Mama Meta.” I call my grandma “Mommie” and my mama, Tami. So. Damn. WHAT. Its not the first time I’ve heard someone call their mom by their first name. It makes us unique and I value my mom for not making me call her anything than what I’ve always called her. We are far beyond a title.

At 26, I know now why God chose her to be my light because I am hers. We are the very best fit and I could never ask for more in my life but to see us grow older together and continue to experience new phases in our lives.

And as of 10:06 a.m. we’ve already called each other THREE times and I look forward to speaking even more.

Dedicated to the love of my life: Tami. Happy 45th.

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