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Here are old diary entries. On this particular day, I wrote quotes and a short poem. 

‘Your logical and I’m emotional and we continue to come back to each other for that very reason.. Our opposites attract..’


‘You make me want to work at us every single day .. Even on our worst day, I make a conscious effort to try to get it right..’
Short Poem:
Final Notes: I was definitely going through a period of an unrequited love.  At the time, I desperately wanted this person to be everything that I was to them. I was justifying why I should slow down and not move too fast, but I had already fallen really hard. I saw the potential in them .. just some young love emo stuff lol. I was ALWAYS writing about a boy and how I really liked them. I was willing to put in the work to make it work if it came down to it. I was so passionate! 

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