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Wined x Dined Pasta

Mario LOVE LOVE LOVES pasta x i kinda do too. I lie … I luuuuuhh pasta (prob too much but not as much as corn x Mexican food!!). I still don’t know where my obsession with corn came from.. whelp!

So I made this light, tasty, wine-infused pasta tossed with garlicky cherry tomatoes, garlicky chicken, some leftover shrimp from egg rolls I made (recipe coming soon), spinach….. i KNOW, it does sound DELISH, so lets get into it!

Ingrediants: Spaghetti noodles, shrimp, chicken thighs, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, your favorite seasonings, dried parsley x basil, minced garlic (a lot!).



Boil pasta (wheat for me, please!) according to package. Set aside.

Cut chicken thighs in slices, season with your favorite things and sauté in olive oil. After your chicken is cooked thoroughly, add in a scoop of garlic x then add in sliced (in half) cherry tomatoes.

keep the drippings, they will make a roux


garlic, garlic, GARLIC .. YUMMMMMMM


Let your tomatoes cook down, add about two teaspoons of butter and it will start to make a slight ‘roux’ … sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

add in fresh spinach.. I like a lot of spinach so I add piles of spinach in my pan. It makes my little heart happy! 🙂

keep the drippings, they will make a roux

Add two more scoops of butter and your favorite white wine.. this will make a reduction. Look at me using those chef-like words… mkkkkaaayyy!

keep the drippings, they will make a roux

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but I don’t necessarily use ‘measurements’ I use my eyes to measure. This is prob not a good or bad thing just something I picked up from my ‘Mommie’ — I would ask her for her recipes for Goulash, cabbage, etc and she would say “Mommie, doesn’t use recipes, I just eye ball measure because it takes the beauty out of cooking for me..” SO in order to learn her tricks, trades and how to cook, I physically had to be there to see. She is still the best cook in the world to me 🙂

keep the drippings, they will make a roux

“She is still the best cook in the World to me!”

Next add in your noodles of choice, 2 teapsoons of Olive oil x top with seasonings! I had some leftover baby shrimp that I used for my ‘Southwest Egg Rolls’ so I tossed those in as well!

Fold everything over with tongs!


ohhhhh la la.

keep the drippings, they will make a roux

Hope you liked this dish!! Remember, you can always sub out meat and just add more veggies. Use a ‘butter’ alternative if you have removed dairy from your diet.

Don’t forget to comment, share and let me know how your dish turned out!

Until next time, remember “There is Always Room at my Table!”


Coming Soon: Breakfast Bake — You can surprise your boss with breakfast!

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