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water, water, WA-TAAAH, WA-TAAAAH

I have THE funniest story, I dont know how it will translate in writing but I know its funny as hell when I tell it in person. I can never keep a straight face and frankly, the story never gets old. Its an inside, immediate family joke that has been going on I know for over 10 years. So maybe you’ll laugh, smile, side-eye or waste your time. Idk.

So I have this family member (dont try to figure out who because you won’t — they are all special in some kind of way) that has some learning disabilities and is often making the strangest, weirdest comments. Has some random outbursts and tries to make us laugh as a family often. So, Cousin “Jay” came over to visit us at our home one random summer day. It all started off so casual — us kids sitting in front of the t.v. talking about which PowerRanger we wanted to be. I always chose Pink, btw.

Mom and Aunt are in the kitchen having ‘adult’ talk and Cousin Jay goes over to the counter and asks for some “Water” … Mom asks if she likes it “Cold or Room-temp” and she states she wants it straight from the tap as is……. and then it gets reaaaaallly strange and hilariously funny. As my family, tends to say exactly what is on their mind regardless of how You feel. Straight-shooters with no filter.

She sits the tap water filled cup on the counter for Jay to grab and go. Instead of grabbing it — Jay looks directly through the cup of water as if she is checking to see if its clear and at first you can barely hear as cousin starts saying “water, water, water” and Jay isnt saying it in a normal sounding voice but a slow, cartoon-like, creepy voice and its coming out as “WA-TAAAH…..!!!”

Jay continues repeating it over and over and over and over.. saying it louder and louder each time while continuing to have a staring contest with the cup. Adding “I want WA-TAAAH, WA-TAAAH, WA-TAAAH, WA-TAAH” and my aunt goes “What the f*ck is wrong with this child?, Girl, drink this damn water and go sit down because you’re being weird as f*ck.” At this point, we are laughing hysterically.

Jay goes from really loud to really quiet stating “WA-TAAAH, WA-TAAh, WA-TAaah, WA-Taaah, WA-taaah, Wa-taaah, wa-taaah, watah, water.” At this point, we are all staring like what is going on  — she drinks her water and sits back down like non of that crazy, weird shxt just happened.

After, she left the outburst of “Wataaaah, wataaaahh” has been a long running, hilariously funny and inappropriate Joke.


4 thoughts on “water, water, WA-TAAAH, WA-TAAAAH”

  1. i think we all have those crazy, weird and strange family members that you just cant put your finger on… lol


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