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Spaghetti Stuffed Bellpeppers


Tasty for a yummy family dinner x an interesting spin on a Classic!


4 Bellpeppers (any color)

Ground Turkey



Seasonings** (bottom of the page)

(2) Bertolli Spaghetti sauce (any spaghetti sauce of your choice)

Wheat noodles


1. Boil water

A. Steam Califlower in the meantime. Once done. Shock  (put in ice water) x once cool, slice as tiny as possible.

2. While water is boiling. Gut peppers and slice in halves.


3. Once your water is boiling. Place your pepper halves in the water for about 5 minutes and place in a bowl of ice cold water to shock them! (ICE BATH!)

*Im going to cut up my mushrooms while I wait and place in separate boil.

4. NOW! to cooking my meat x mixing it all together.


Ahhhh, just remembered, that I want tp add some onion x garlic to my meat for extra flavor.

Add your veggie mix to the turkey x allow to cook about 5 mins longer then add sauce.


Add in sauce x simmer for 10 mins!


Add mixture to Bellpeppers x extra sauce on the bottom of the pan x top with fresh Low-Fat Parmesan Cheese !!


Bake at 350° for 30 minutes x VOILA!


**Seasonings: garlic x onion powder, fresh ground pepper x salt, cayenne, Italian seasoning, thyme, dried basil.

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Bon Appétit! Enjoy.

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