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I’ve always liked her as a performer but felt her work was cookie cutter but the last 2 albums have been leading to this piece of work. Lemonade was the Pinnacle, Peak, Climax… well now i can’t wait for this amazing album ( Im sure avail through Tidal first).

view Here:


Some of the visuals were real voodoo-ish (and I totally get embracing her Louisiana roots –Which most Texans have x are familiar with the swamps, culture, food and people) for me but the others were exceptionally great. I think every woman can relate to the lyrics some way or another.

In the opening scenes of “Denial,” Bey swam in the water.. in complete denial that she was being cheated on, she abstained from sex, fasted for 60 days, read the Bible and prayed. As she stands on the stairs, water crashes from behind her and she asks “Are You Cheating On Me?” WHOSE DERE!!!! My jaw hit the floor, did yours? Im like OMG, is this going to be a little tell-all of a certain someone’s infidelities? Maybe. The visual will tell.
Cuts to a scene and she is seen wearing this beautiful, yellow, flowy dress, singing and skipping AND BOOM. She busts the windows out of the cars. She is mad that her man isn’t seeing her for all the good that she is and he’s taking advantage of her love. “They don’t love you like I love you. Can’t you see there’s no other man above you? What a wicked way to treat the one who loves you!” OHH, yeah?
She goes through several emotions, from “Anger – Apathy – Emptiness (one of my faves) – Accountability – Reformation – Forgiveness (piano/Jay scene) – Resurrection – Hope – Redemption.
Redemption: “With every tear came redemption, and my torture became my remedy. So we’re gonna heal. We’re gonna start again.” Cue scenes from their wedding, Blue and Jay running around, laughing, playing. Its bright, sunny and fresh. We saw re-used footage from when they got their tattoos, Bey’s pregnant belly (Are we still disputing those rumors?), Tina and Richard Lawson in love. Bey seemed content, grateful, happy, in love with Jay and the family they’ve created despite flaws, imperfections, heartbreak, infidelity and just life. Shit happens.
This is the most relatable and vulnerable Beyoncé has been .. Girlfriend, I could not be more proud. You showed up and showed out. Its was weird, beautiful, and the new sound… its indescribable. Its not anything we’ve ever seen before and I was impressed. She is always so predictable, fake-sad, fake-angry but this felt like her authentic self. She unlocked that part of her that every woman on Earth feels: Wanting a man to beg you, chose you, stop leaving you for that brown ass grass on the other side, telling him you ride x die for him, you will conform to what he wants you to be as long as you have him (Whew, hell, 2009!), letting him know you are Queen, will be respected, being Black, POWERFUL x simply amazing, our hurt, pain, struggle, strength, daddy telling you to shoot (i def can relate to some things my dad taught x told me abt men, the Power I possess x to let them have it, etc), being in love, vunerable, grateful to have found someone that makes you feel alive (hi, pickles ♥), that you’d go to the end of the Earth x back for, just life as a woman, mother, lover, friend, daughter x no matter what we all go through the same things.
my only question: Where was Solange x her greatness?
hot sauce in my bag, swag.

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