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metallic dressers diy


Prior to moving-in, I had been thinking about the decor and what I wanted our place to look like.. I really wanted my favorite tones: grey, navy, neutrals and pops of color to be the main pieces through-out. I wanted the bedroom to be grey, white and navy blue to start..

I found a lovely grey bed and the post were silver.. not just a soft vintage-y silver but like Silver, Silver.. Metallic Silver. Brown, Black or Chocolate night-stands and dressers would not work with Metallic silver. And I didn’t want to change the bed because I didn’t want heavy colors in the room hence the grey! The only thing that would look good and not ancient would be something grey or metallic. I stumbled across the Mirrored dressers┬ábut they were way out of budget ranging from $400-1200 easily per piece. I started thinking and said I could probably create my own. I started searching (my absolute favorite thing to do) some local hardware stores to see if they sold glass x acrylic. Check.

before x after we spray-painted the first coat.

Mario and I went to Home Depot — stocked up on the Metallic silver spray paint that I loved, gloss spray paint (to bring it all together) and a glass cutter (more about this later) and VIOLA! We had a project on our hands.

Below: I will tell you the bumps x bruises we experienced with this project and how it went from Mirrored pieces to just cool, Metallic pieces. All together we spent about $30.


-dressers or nightstands of any color

-spray paint of your choice

-gloss or finish paint to seal in and protect

-open place to spray x allow item to dry (we chose the garage)

-cardboard. sit your piece on it so that you won’t stain the area

  1. We spray painted about 6-8 inches away from object. I found that if you spray too close it will not spray on evenly, the paint will drip and you will be able to see it.
  2. After about 2 coats, we allowed the paint 24 hours to dry.
  3. We wiped down any access dust that blew on it or just the lint that would find its way to the furniture. If you spray paint over the dust/fuzzies YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT!
  4. Spray paint another coat or two to your liking .. allow to dry.
  5. Add the finish/gloss.
  6. Voila! That simple.


*Home Depot sold glass for about $25 per sheet. The problem we ran into was getting someone to drill holes in the glass. It takes a special tool so that the glass doesn’t crack. Home Depot didn’t do the task you had to buy the tool yourself and basically hope you do it right. (I ain’t got time for that !)

* Also, They don’t cut class! They sell a tool that you can use but several people advised us that it is very easy to mess up because it doesn’t always cut a straight line. — That would have been a disaster to have too small or too big pieces for each drawer.

*We couldn’t find a glass store near us and honestly, we liked the paint color so much we didn’t feel like going through the trouble with the glass.



We used the original drawer handles because the gold against the silver gave it the vintage finish that we both wanted. It was completely by accident (Thanks, Brittany!) and it looked so good. We may still add mirrors someday but as of now, its perfect and we’re proud.

The imperfections are my favorite details about each piece. Its slowly but surely coming together. I think the next project will be frames .. and wall decor because thats what Ive been looking at.

Leave comments, details below. Have you refurbished any dressers or nightstands lately?

Here are some pictures of the finished products


! Hope you enjoy!!


Close up. Love the aged handles. They gave it the perfect appeal.
You can see on the right the spraying too close thing.. It started dripping but quickly, I got the technique down!
still working on my nightstand
found those pieces here x there




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